Walk in Cooler/Walk in Freezer

Walk in Cooler/Walk in Freezer

Types: Refrigerators, Freezers, and Cooler Boxes (Indoor and Outdoor)

Common Manufactures: Heatcraft, Therma-Kool, Bush, American Panel, Nor-Lake, Polar King, Artic, Americooler, Coldzone, RDI, Thermarite, and Kolpak

Common Uses: Units are designed to store and keep perishable food items at safe temperatures until you’re ready to cook, reheat, or serve them.  Shelving and large interiors allow for supplies to be organized and plenty of room to walk inside to locate products as needed.  These units can be a design that is prefabricated set by the manufacture or custom units are available for your installation needs.  Refrigerators, Freezers and Cooler boxes are available for indoor and outdoor locations.

How to prolong the use or extend the life of your equipment: Following Guidelines are provided from the Heatcraft’s Operation and Instruction Manual:

  • Look for corrosion on fins, cabinet, copper tubing and solder joints
  • Look for excessive or unusual vibration for fan blades or sheet metal panels when in operation.  Identify fan causing vibration and check motor and blade carefully.
  • Look for oil stains on headers, return bends, and coil fins.  Check any suspect areas with an electronic leak detector.
  • Check drain pan to ensure that drain is clear of debris, obstructions or ice buildup and is free draining.
  • Clean evaporator coils and blades
  • Check operation of all fans and ensure airflow is unobstructed

Results: To achieve the best results for the maintenance and service of your invested equipment seek the professional help of an Authorized Service Agent or ASA for the manufactures displayed in your business.