Steam Kettle

Steam Kettle

Types: Electric, Gas, Direct Steam, Floor Tilting, Modular Base Tilting, Stationary, Countertop and Mixing

Common Manufactures: Cleveland, Accutemp, Vulcan, Groen, Market Forge

Common Uses: Often used to boil pasta, simmer sauces, stocks and stews.  Units have similar applications to a stock pot, but warm foods with more control.  Steam kettles use a jacket of hot, pressurized steam around the inside of the chamber where food is cooked.  The steam heats every part of food evenly.  Steam kettles offer a huge increase in productivity, convenience, and energy efficiency.

How to prolong the use or extend the life of your equipment:  Use proper tools to clean stainless-steel.  Do not use steel pads, wire brushes, or scrapers to clean stainless-steel.  Stainless-steel rust when passivity (film-shield) breaks down because of scrapes, deposit and chloride.  If you are replacing water lost as steam, use distilled water.  A certified service agent should be consulted and scheduled to clean the compression draw off valve and plug valve regularly.

Result: Periodic inspection will minimize equipment down time and increase efficiency operation.